joi, 3 septembrie 2009

Have you ever..

"Have you ever seen the morning
When the sun comes up the shore
And the silence makes
A beautiful sound
Have you ever sat there waiting
For the time to stand still
For all the world to stop
From turning around."

Ei? Have you? Poate.. Ca scoala e multa, probleme iar multe, timpul e putin. Poate rutina e mai putin rutina cand uiti de ea. Poate odata, langa un prieten mai mult sau mai putin vorbaret (sau existent) vei vedea culorile nu in nuanta transparenta a mintii, ci chiar contemplandu-le frumusetea. Cum a spus Shakespeare: "Nu exista gand pe care omul sa nu-l faca bun sau rau". 

"And you run
'Cause life is too short"

Si mai fungi putin pe melodiile celor de la Sorpions. Apoi te opresti si-ti imaginezi.. si multumesti.. si panteismul din tine cedeaza metaforelor melodiei.

"Have you ever seen the glowing
When the moon is on the rise
And the dreams are close
To the ones that we love
Have you ever sat there waiting
For heaven to give a sign
So we could find the place
Where angels come from."

Have you?

Fara ceara (si diacritice), Ioana.

Ps: Go now. And dance like no one's watching.

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