vineri, 26 august 2011

Senza ragione, senza parole

- Go back on your side of the bed and just pretend I'm the ugliest lady the world has ever seen.
- But I want to understand- I UNDERSTAND!
- This is not the way.
- But how?
Then I got up, in a vertical position, a grasp to myself in the mirror and only one promise:
To be serious for a second.

Life for us constitutes a great deal of paradoxes. There are only two categories: good paradoxes and bad paradoxes. Their quality on an objective scale is meaningless, but regarding the individual it represents everything. It is basically the instance felt physically, emotionally and rationally. The paradox determines the state of our souls in every moment and it answers the question: Where do i belong?
-Heaven or hell?
My bad paradox may be gone, but I am still a sinner.
From then on, as in every instance spent with him, my reason was his pleasure and my pleasure was his reason.

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