sâmbătă, 7 februarie 2009

Forever's gonna start tonight

Thirst takes over, as I pass the right to live
My breath seems sober, as I switch the channel of my soul
To bring my death, to release me from my goal.

 The night seems to be a whisper which takes me from my den
As a one-way ticket to my dreams
Without passing out, but with my eyes closing as a way the forget them,
And believing in my thoughts as an only rule that reality sees.

The small sparkles again hypnotized my body
As I walked into a new dimension, in a land of my imagination
And the music of my breath frozen the only one treat 
Of being alone, with my unspoken words, transforming into an unbreakable stone.

Captured in my mind, I cannot accept the power of waking
As I found my ecstasy in dreaming, and my essence in thinking.
I saw the bodies of unknown characters my life depended on
In a hidden time, away from me and every place where I ever had gone.

I started to dance, I started to sing, I started to wonder
About every single thing I loved, about my madness which lays in my blood.
I tried to not care.. but I started crying in despair 
They start disappearing one by one, and I... I woke up and they won

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:) keep on going :)
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