sâmbătă, 1 august 2009


«… all this time living in a bus, surviving there, on the same spot, next to the same people… They forgot my symphony, but I’m still playing and they have nothing to listen to. Am I that egocentric or it’s just my music ? …not a God complex, no, not Orpheus I’m trying to become, I’m only searching for reason. Searching among the quiet ones. The ones that can’t tolerate sound, or abstraction. The ones that know only symetry. My reason may be madness. So let’s break bounds, let’s be mad. Let’s be ugly. Let’s take the power and put it in a violin. And then maybe they’ll listen, they’ll see. Symetry must be chaos, silence must be chaos. So, may I break my violin ? Should I destroy my reason for those who pretend there’s no poetry ? Yes. So then I’ll play bad symphonyes and I’ll write unpure songs. »

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