sâmbătă, 3 ianuarie 2009

Secret tale

She chosen a heart to burn

She released a soldier from his turn
To go on a war, to steal the life
Of a lost soul, of a man without a goal. 

"I don't know who he is, in my dreams he does exist"

"Here's a goodbye to close your eyes, here's some magic on the lies"..

And he forgot his road.. he forgot what he was told. His life was standing before him, getting weaker sin by sin and then the sky opened the stars greeting his eyes suddenly wondering why he cries. 

"Screaming in the shadow of last week
Hoping my only breath was taking the lead
Waiting for something to pass
Screaming, till’ something broke my soul of glass.

Sleeping my head over a day,
Passing a lie over something to say
Regarding my breath of sweetness
I forgot about my heart’s illness,

Speaking unconsciously several hours
In silence I woke up all those mad sorrows
And that day I remembered me screaming again
Till the demons found all the words that were unspoken."

"What is yours should belong to me.. my terrifying  love for you is free"

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